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Our Story

End 2009, I ( Hadassah) found my desire to succeed in the finance industry waning and desired to revive my creative juices and the use of my hands to make beautiful things. It was a terribly exciting year for me. I decided to quit my job, get married and fly off to New York with my husband for a year or two.

I've always loved jewelry and anything vintage, so my stay in New York was really an eye-opener to the treasure troves of antique brooches and earrings. I never liked being seen in the same thing as anyone else and loved shopping at thrift stores and reconstructing my clothes and jewelry. It was then, I discovered weaving these vintage pieces with her wire into statement jewellery turned out pretty awesome.

When I moved back to Singapore, I decided to fulfill one of my childhood dreams to own a boutique and in 2011, Hadasity opened on Haji Lane. In that year,  I met many wonderful customers along the way. However, realizing that it was a huge feat for me to continue running the store, as well as hand-making every single piece of jewellery sold in the store, I closed the physical store after a year and moved it online. During this time, my sister Talitha helped me out and eventually decided to join me full force. We are now partners and pretty much hand-make together, every piece of jewellery in this store as well as handle all other aspects of growing the business.

Who knew that I would move back to New York again because of my husband's job? With Talitha in Singapore, and myself in New York, it's going to be exciting!
Thank you for being part of our Journey.
Hadassah + Talitha