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Heidi Shum


..:: { Heidi Shum } ::..

has been such a darling and is honestly one of the sweetest, kindest, nicest people I have come across and have had the privilege of calling my customer and friend! Whether through emails, messages, her NICENESS radiates through such that even from her first email about a bangle she wanted I knew she was a nice one! So she chose to pick up her pieces in person at my place it was no surprise that we hit if off really well and I almost felt like I've known her since forever because she's so true to herself and has absolutely no airs. So it's such an honour to share her photos and life with you! Thanks Heidi for sharing ! 

* Oh and I forgot to mention, that Heidi also has the sweetest adoring boyfriend that wears Hadasity cufflinks and showers her with presents from me! I love seeing the both of them so much!

What would be a perfect day out for you?

My first version of a perfect day lasted about 72hours but here's a more realistic version :)

1) Brunch with people I adore at a pretty cafe somewhere.

2) French toast with bacon, a long black and plenty of sunshine. Wonderful.

3) Wandering through Camberwell market, Portobello market, Camden markets, random flea markets in New York or Sao Paolo..

4)Moonlight cinema in the gardens or on a rooftop, with well-prepared friends who bring wine and cheese!

5) Sleep under the unbelievable Central Australian night sky.



// Heidi wearing her bauble cuff ! //

How many countries have you been to and what forms your best memories?

About 20? As they are all part of me, it’s quite difficult to name which are the fondest.

A few that come to mind are:

  1. Getting stuck in a protest in Cusco on the day we were supposed to fly out (not very smart of us!).

  2. Exploring Petra in Jordan with new friends, totally absorbed in the beauty and company.

  3. Heading up the Corcovado unenthusiastically but ending up being mesmerized by the gorgeous views of Rio de Janerio city life.

  4. Developing blisters trekking across Japan with two of the most important people in my life.
    One of them is a very talented architect who desired to see the many beautiful buildings,
    so she planned an amazingly ambitious schedule and made us stick to it.
    It was torturous, yet fulfilling.  


What inspires you in life?

The hope and desire to constantly make things even better, or to make a difference, but balanced with contentment.
The courage to be open to people and things that are different.
The courage to follow your gut, and live life with a sparkle in your eyes.


Why do you like Hadasity?

The creations are a confluence of what vintage pieces, beads, crystals or wires that Hadassah chances upon, what her thoughts are as she crafts each piece and what her hands lead her into creating.. Every piece has its own story and is made with so much heart. 


// THE END //

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