Hadasity's Founder, Hadassah Lau
"Hadasity is the creative expression of Singaporean artist and designer Hadassah Lau in the language of Wired Art Jewelry, Poetry, Paintings and a thoughtfully designed capsule collection of white wear. The brand encapsulates her ethos of releasing hope and inspiration through storytelling that comes through these various mediums.
HADASITY -Poetic Wearable Vessels of Beauty and Light."
Thank You for being here.

Dearest Friend,

In 2008, I got married and moved to New York City (NYC) with my husband and got inspired by the treasure trove of vintage and beads galore that was the Fashion District where I lived in that season.

I started wiring Vintage Brooches into statement necklaces and cuffs, and loved creating One of a Kind pieces. I had always wanted to be a fashion designer, although I had spent my studying years in Mass Communications and then started my first job as a Financial Advisor!

When we moved back to Singapore, I opened a tiny brick and mortar shop on Haji Lane and it was a dream - I met so many wonderful customers and got featured in the newspapers and many magazines and TV shows.

I was in my early 20s and it was like a dream come true for me when all my collections were selling out and I had met so many wonderful customers.

The Journey

In 2015 we were back in NYC again. I had 2 baby girls then and was not really able to work on wiring jewelry anymore. I picked up abstract painting to keep my creative sanity going!

End of 2019, we moved back to Singapore and I could have just dived right back into Hadasity but I wanted to wait on God for new purpose and vision. I closed the business at that time as I felt I had to lay it all down to Him.

But on the 2nd of January 2020, I had a waking dream! About Hadasity raising funds for NGOS and being a voice for them. It was very real!

Ever since then, I restarted the business and pray every month for new ideas and creativity, and divine connections to lead me towards the path that God had showed me in the dream.


As an artist and brand owner, and being a mom of three, I experienced the everyday challenges of being comfortable yet "put together". A wardrobe of clothing that could follow me to and through meetings, household errands and even special events was needed but hard to find.

I wanted to be able to throw on something quickly without having to think of what to wear and dreamed of a stylish white collection where every piece would be like a thoughtful addition to building upon foundational classics that stood the test of time and trends.

All of that translated into Hadasity "Phos" Wear (Phos meaning Divine Light in the greek language). I pray that as you put on these pieces that were designed with my heart, thought and time, that you would literally encounter this light and feel enveloped in its Brightness.


I believe that every collection and story, every conversation I have with any customer or YOU, is a divine connection.

If you have read this far, thank you for being on this journey with me and for appreciating my art and words.

YOU are WIRED to be, ONE OF A KIND and WE were WIRED, for PURPOSE.

Hadassah Lau