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Child Like Faith

Child Like Faith

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Years ago when I was asking God about giving and praying, he showed me a picture of a Gumball machine and told me, when we pray it is something like this.

Sometimes we think that we made it happen. We put the money in, we turned the machine, and the gumball came out!
But the scene pulls back to the little girl going to her dad, asking if she could have a gumball. He gives her the coin to put it into the machine, and she is amazed when she actually puts the coin in and turns it and sees what comes out of it.

My dearest child, even the little 1 cent faith that you have to turn that out was given by me. It was all by my grace.

So my child, even if you have faith as small as 1cents, you have access to what you have asked me for. 😭❤🙏

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