Ashley Lazor

Ashley Lazor


Ashley is such an amazing person and customer. She would always pop by into my store at Hajilane and brings tons of friends to buy presents and more jewelry for herself! She always brought me such joy with her presence and she is one of the loveliest people i know! I asked Ashley some questions so you can get to know her better too :)

{ ASHLEY LAZOR }  29 // Software Engineer

3 favorite places to hang out in Singapore
Some of the many trendy bars and restaurants in Singapore, Haji lane/Arab Street after dark, and in my kitchen cooking!

A movie you could watch more than once or twice
Dirty Dancing and Clueless

Describe your style
I'm a chameleon.  I change my style frequently. It usually depends on my mood.  Generally, I lean towards polished classic looks with an edgy flare. I also love color.  I'm definitely an accessories girl so my jewelry, shoes, and purses often finish off my look for the day.

How many Hadasity pieces do you have to date?
10 pieces!  Wow, I just counted for the first time.  I've also purchased many more as gifts.

What do you wear Hadasity with?
I will add a piece of Hadasity jewelry to any outfit that needs some polish or edge.  An accessory can totally transform an outfit!  You can always rely on those statement pieces to add that funk and elevated style to create the perfect ensemble.  Hadasity necklaces will transform a simple basic outfit into something really chic!
More photos of Ashley with her husband and beautiful friends!
Ashley and Jen in their statement necklaces!
Ashley wearing the multi-way necklace Long, vertical style.
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