Hwee Suan Ong

Hwee Suan Ong


Suan has become such a dear friend of mine and we have developed such a meaningful friendship over the time she's bought all her pieces from me and I appreciate and admire her courage and zeal for life and just being, SO MUCH.

Hwee Suan Ong // Communications specialist

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Intense. Intuitive. Hedonistic.
What makes you happy?   

Spending time and catching up on happenings with the ones who matter to me – my family, friends in Singapore and overseas (thanks to Skype and FB!). Having friends over for dinner – I am not at all a cook, and am totally delighted that friends are actually willing to try and sample my cooking!



Who inspires you?

No one in particular. I am too much of an independent spirit to look to a particular person for inspiration. For me, inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere and anything, and it is all about that sudden moment of positive influence and energy flow to one's heart and mind.

How many countries have you lived or travelled in and what are some of your favorite places to be in?

I have travelled to 36 different countries, and lived/ worked in two Gulf states (Qatar and the United Arab Emirates). I find beauty in most countries that I visit so it is really hard to list my favourite places to be in. If I really have to choose some of my top favourites, it would be the unspolit beauty of Luang Prabang and having coffee by Mekong River. Seeing the sun-rise over Cappadocia’s fairy-caves from a hot-air balloon. Or just wandering around in Essaouira of Morrocco and getting lost in this magical seaside town.  




Pictures of Places Suan has been to ! :)


What is your Style philosophy?

Keep it simple with a personal statement that is distinctive, or simply bring about a clash (tastefully of course) eg a traditional wear with faded jeans - my favourite combination.
How many pieces of Hadasity do you have to date?

15 pieces - statement necklaces, earrings and cuffs.




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