Known By Name ::The vision and story

Known By Name ::The vision and story


It all started during the circuit breaker in Singapore. Seeing the world in global crisis and having our usual way of life come to a stand still moved us to look beyond business as usual and we wondered how Hadasity could multiply what we can give. We wanted to stand with those on the frontline that fight against human trafficking - an issue that had long been on our hearts, and decided to start with Iris Cambodia.

Poverty is one of the main problems fueling human trafficking - Iris Cambodia equips and employs women who are marginalized and those escaping exploitative situations, empowering them to step towards life and dignity. Together with Kellie, a dear friend and base leader of Iris Cambodia, and the team of women that they employ, we started discussing possible designs, sending through materials and setting up video conferencing sessions to train the team with wiring skills unique to Hadasity.

As the team primarily works with polymer clay, we went through several designs before deciding on one that they could successfully create with consistency and quality and that yet remained very much, Hadasity. We also wanted our first collection with them to speak of how we are each known and loved, both those who will make this collection, and those who would receive this collection.

After many prototypes of our Alphabet necklace, and many zoom meetings, we finally have our first "Known By Name" Necklace!

Through this collection, we have big dreams and hope to help Iris Cambodia increase the number of women and families they can employ as Jewelry Artisans and we see every one of your purchases as Sparks of Fire and hope to End Human Trafficking One Life at a time.