Promised Land - Partnering with Himalayan Freedom Co.

Promised Land - Partnering with Himalayan Freedom Co.

The Process

We started dreaming and drawing up the Promised Land Collection 6 months ago in July 2020 and alas, had to go through our own journey of trusting that it would eventually happen as we were faced with uncertainties and lockdowns in Nepal. 

From refining our drawings and designs, to seeing the first cut outs and engravings of the Trust word, we held onto the hope that it would happen eventually and were so delighted when the girls in Nepal were able to get to their craft again this year.

After the pieces were made and sent to Singapore, Hadassah thought about how to wire them in such a way that they could be worn individually and yet together. Trust is in the center of Journey and in the whole big picture we end up seeing the PROMISE. We are so excited to see how these pieces will be daily reminders for you in your own journey. Despite the delays, everything happens in perfect timing - hold onto Trust.

The Inspiration

We designed the Promised Land Collection to be made by women crafters in Nepal. Poverty is one of the main problems that fuel human trafficking in the world today, and we wanted to play a part in the solution, by choosing to work with those who employ and empower women who are marginalised and escaping exploitative situations.

Promised Land Making

When thinking of our first shapes to cut, we knew wanted our pieces to be mutli-way and wondered how we could create similar shapes of our multiway necklaces that were wired, into organic cut outs and started by hand drawing out these shapes and the more we drew shapes around shapes, we started to see that together, they looked like geographical Topographic maps of a mountain. They really reminded us of the story of how God had a Promised Land for his people, but there was a Journey to it. In the center of that Journey and any Journey to the Promise, is FAITH, which we understand really as TRUST.

Often times, We know about the Promises, We know that there is a Journey in life, but we can't see how it all comes together and don't see how we will get there. We pray that these pendants remind you to hold your TRUST. To Keep Trusting even when you don't see the bigger picture yet. Even when you don't know where you are going and how you will get there.

We also designed the Trust pendant at the center of it all to look like a seed. It only takes a mustard seed of trust to grow into a tree. The mustard seed is a tiny tiny tiny seed that once buried and sown into the grown, allowed to water becomes a large tree. You might think that you don't have "enough" trust today - but know that if you have even the tiniest bit of trust, that is enough. Keep watering and growing that trust, because it does grow along the journey.

The Journey is yours, and we all have one. It might not look the same as others, but we all have the same Promised Land. What is in your life that is taking up your land that isn't supposed to be there? "Be Strong and Courageous" as God helps you remove the enemies in your life one by one. Fear has to go, Depression has to go, Anxiety has to go, addictions have to go, everything that is not of God has to go in the name of Jesus.

The Promised Land is light and free, a life to the fullest and life abundantly. A life that enters into REST, A life of peace and joy and all of God's BEST. A life with truth, filled to the brim, an Eternal life of knowing, and being known by HIM.

The brass pendants have each been cut, engraved and sanded by hand and plated in gold. Thank you for being a blessing to the women in Nepal. We hope that the Trust, Journey and Promises pieces will become significant markers for you in your journey of trust towards the beautiful promises written over your life.

Written by Grace Chen. 

Published 24 February 2021.

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