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Daughter of God

Daughter of God

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Renewed -
By the waters
I stood.

Come down under,
He said.
A new life waits,
of which I've Paid.

You see the kingdom
Of heaven awaits -
sons and daughters of God
The water creates.

Of which it now also saves you
A pledge of a clear conscience
Towards God ❤️


Hand- Wired One of a Kind bracelets by Singapore Artist and Designer Hadassah Lau  with non tarnish Gold wire from the USA with semi precious stones, swarovski crystals and pearls, quartz, freshwater pearls on 18K gold plated Stainless Steel Bracelets.

Please go ahead and purchase the bracelet and wait for an email to enquire about the size of your wrist so that it can be adjusted to fit you.

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