Collection: Hadasity Phoswear

My Dearest Friend,

As an artist and brand owner, being a Mom of three, I experienced the everyday challenges of being comfortable yet "put together". A wardrobe of clothing that could follow me to and through meetings, household errands and even special events was needed but hard to find.

I wanted to be able to throw on something quickly without having to think of what to wear and dreamed of a stylish white collection where every piece would be like a thoughtful addition to building upon foundational classics that stood the test of time and trends.

All of that translated into Hadasity "Phos" wear ( Phos meaning Divine Light, in the greek language) and I pray that as you put on these pieces that were designed with my heart, thought and time, that you would literally encounter this light and feel enveloped in it's Brightness.

May you enjoy wearing these pieces for many years to come.