Bespoke :: Journey

by NGO

Journey Necklace 

Made to Order - Bespoke your own colour combination for the Journey Necklace. Feel free to screenshot and send us any of our previous works to reference your preferred colour scheme for the necklace.

After you make the purchase, Hadassah will reach out to check with you what colours you would like to bespoke your Promises Necklace with.

You can also purchase the original Journey Necklace here


We designed the Promised Land Collection to be made by women crafters in Nepal. Poverty is one of the main problems that fuel human trafficking in the world today, and we wanted to play a part in the solution, by choosing to work with those who employ and empower women who are marginalised and escaping exploitative situations.

The brass pendants have each been cut, engraved and sanded by hand and plated in gold. We do seek your understanding that each handcrafted pendant will also come with some imperfections. Thank you for being a blessing to the women in Nepal. We hope that the Trust, Journey and Promises pieces will become significant markers for you in your journey of trust towards the beautiful promises written over your life.