It has been on our hearts to empower women and children through Hadasity, and we are so incredibly happy to share with you that we will be doing so through #HadasityLoves – where part of our profits will be channeled towards sponsoring women and children from ROWAN which stands for (Rural Orphans & Widows AIDS Network). We’ve started with 5 and hope to be able to grow this number as we continue to be blessed to be a blessing.

ROWAN'S Mission

To love & empower orphans & widows infected or affected by HIV & AIDS in Africa, by raising hope in Christ through holistic approaches & partnerships resulting in self-reliance. ROWAN partners with local Christian leaders & development organizations empowering each person to discover their God-given gifts & passions. Their local leaders facilitate medical relief, education grants, and micro-enterprise training and opportunities until the individual is physically and spiritually transformed

How We Love
Through Sponsorship

Built upon a family model where each individual contributes various roles, ROWAN’s Sponsorship Programs aim to accomplish one main goal: empowerment. When you join ROWAN’s family (amaka in Uganda), you choose a widow or orphan where you can build a relationship across the seas through letters and photographs. Your monthly support will help empower your sponsored child or widow with medical needs, literacy and education expenses, micro enterprise start ups, and lead them on the path toward self-reliance.