24 x 30" God of Time and Space


God of Time ⁣
and Space⁣
my sins of past, even present -⁣
you've erased.⁣

There is none like you- ⁣
no one else can touch ⁣
my heart like⁣
you do.⁣

SIZE: 24 by 30 inches  / 61cm by 76 cm

Acrylic Paint, Gloss, thickening and glitter mediums

CANVAS: Cotton Stretched on Wood

There is no shipping cost to this as Hadassah will personally arrange a delivery to your home in Singapore! :) Would be so nice to meet with you and see where this painting will "LIVE" 

Please feel free to message me too if you would like to see this painting in person.

I have not figured out international shipping for paintings, but if you would like to buy this painting and arrange for your own shipping internationally, I am happy to help make that happen! :D