Private 3 hour Workshop :: Statement Necklace


A 3-Hour Workshop on a weekday morning between 930am to 1230pm 

the following description is for statement necklaces, however if there is something else you want to wire, please just ask and we will figure it out. 

In this workshop, you will be taught the basics of wire wrapping a Hadasity Statement necklace.

Hadassah will share her creative process and guide you along as you wire your own statement necklace.

All materials and tools used in making of the necklace will be provided.

Participants will be able to select the following from the materials provided to create their masterpiece.

1) One Focal Piece (such as a brooch, porcelain piece etc)
2) Any number of beads and crystals and semi precious stones or pearls provided in the class that they want to add onto their necklace that they can wire on within the class duration.
3) their own selection and combination of acrylic, thin 14k gold plated chain or Aluminium chain available in the studio for their necklace.
4) Fabric buttons or any other material that is available in the studio you might like to add to your necklace.

Participants can also bring along their own beads or brooches and pendants that they would like to incorporate into their necklace within the class duration.


Contact us on IG @hadasity or via email at for available timeslots

 Classes up to 4 Pax can be held on weekdays at the following timeslots:

Weekday Timeslot 9:30am - 12:30pm