Free shipping above $80 { local } and $180 { international }

Hello ! Do drop us an email at :)
Below are some guidelines to help you place your order!

* Placing a custom order with Hadasity also means that you have absolute trust in Hadassah, and that you understand that each piece is wired free-flow and there are no guarantees as to how it would turn out exactly after it is done. Think of it as commissioning an artist to do a painting for your living room, because that's what your Hadasity piece is, a work of art done just for you! :)

* Do note there is a custom order charge IN ADDITION to the usual price that a ready made piece would be sold for

* Also, if you want to use some of your own pieces/items, please arrange for delivery! :)


Required Information

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Skype ID (if necessary, for video call appointments)
  4. Contact Number
  5. Mailing Address
  6. Ideal Deadline (please allow 1 month for lead time)

Your Custom Piece ( below are some examples )

1. Statement Necklace (with vintage brooch) + $80
2. Necklace (without vintage brooch) +$50
3. Classic Cuff (with vintage brooch) +$50
4. Stack/Bauble Cuff (without vintage brooch) +$50
5. Hairpiece +$50
6. Earrings +$50
7. Ring +$50
8. Others (not listed)

    * I would like to integrate some of my pieces/items?

    Please attach reference images ( if available )

    a)    Size/Style
    b)    Colour
    c)    Other References
    d)    I would like it to match my outfit


    Thank you!