Free local shipping over 80 SGD // international 180 SGD


 If you are thinking of doing a custom order, the following information would be helpful!

// Placing a custom order with Hadasity means that you have absolute trust in Hadassah, and you understand that each piece is wired free-flow and there are no guarantees as to how it would turn out after it is completed. Think of it as commissioning an artist to do a painting for your living room, because that's what your Hadasity piece is, a work of art created just for you! :) //

* All custom orders are made by Hadassah in the US
Prices listed are in SGD, and will be mailed out from SG


Custom Order Charges

Custom order charges are added on to the usual price that a ready-made piece would be sold for, and this applies to every piece made.

i.e If you want to custom order a statement necklace, cuff and earrings -
the custom charge would be $80 + $50 +50 = $180

Statement necklaces  { $80 }
Everything else           { $50 }


Alterations to Existing Designs

- customization for single bead/stone eg. stack cuff
- altering length of chain
- change of necklace chain / adding on coloured chain

The cost will depend on the time taken and the materials involved.

Basic alterations { $20 }
Add materials or chains { $30 to $50 }
Further alterations { $50 to $100 }


$100 Deposit

Before we start conceptualizing or sending pictures of brooches/materials for you to choose from, a deposit of $100 will be needed.
This is so that we know you are 100% sure that you want to do a custom order with us :)


Lead Time + Estimated Completion Dates

Everything at Hadasity is hand wired by Hadassah/Talitha and mostly one of a kind, which is why we are unable to mass produce or make as many pieces as we would like to

We would love to work with you on your very own pieces, but please drop us an email at least 2 months in advance so that we can fit your order into our schedule

Just found out about Hadasity and your wedding/event is less than 3 weeks away?

There's no harm trying to see if we can fit your order into our schedule, somehow!

However, as we might have to forego making some other pieces, please understand that there will be an additional super speed charge of $80. This would only be applicable if we are able to ensure that we can get your piece to you by the stipulated deadline.

For notice of less than 3 weeks, you would most likely have to pay for shipping from the US to Singapore as well.


Upon Completion

+ Yay You love it !
We're glad you do! Your order will be posted via registered mail.

+ You want to try it on / pick it up in person
You can arrange to visit Talitha at her place on Tues / Fri, before 6pm. 

+ Hmm I'm not quite sure about it ?
No worries, if changes are possible, the first one is free!
Additional changes are chargeable at $50 each.

+ Want to arrange for your own courier delivery?
We will let you know the address for pickup!
The timings for pick up are generally before 3pm on weekdays.