Non-tarnish brass wire from the United States
This means that the wire is coated with a layer of plastic so that it won't tarnish unless the plastic coating is being scraped off

Brass base metal and is not recommended for sensitive ears
Hoop length: 34mm

14K Gold-filled and should be ok for sensitive ears

Gold electro-plated brass base made in Japan 

* Like any other Gold plated items, the gold might wear off a bit at the tips if worn very often on a daily basis,
but that's only at the bottom where it can't be seen so no worries!

14k Gold plated or Aluminium

Light-weight unlike heavy gold plated metals -
Think of the chains that are used on chanel bags
They're long lasting and comfortable on the skin


Keep in Hadasity zip bags when not in use as this keeps the jewellery airtight and away from air, dust, moisture etc. as these are the real metal killers
Spray perfumes or apply creams at least 5 mins before wearing your Hadasity pieces, or when your skin is dry
This prevents moisture and alcohol from coming into contact with the jewellery, which could potentially tarnish the metals on them
If your pieces get wet / you had a warm day out and perspired, give the jewellery a light wipe down with a dry soft cloth before storing them in the zip bags 

Hope they bring you much JOY!!!

XXX Love, Hugs and Kisses XXX