Mother Daughter June Workshops


A 2-Hour Workshop on a weekday morning
between 9:30am to 11:30am

Jewelry  that you can learn to create during  this session ( Choose one)
- Statement Earrings
- Wired Cuff ( one)
- Wired Bracelet ( one)
- Wired Statement Ring + one stone earring ( one set)
- Simple Drop Necklace and One stone Earrings ( one set)

Daughters  will learn creative wiring and free form jewelry like a mini abstract necklace and you can do the same, This does not include a focal piece ( brooches) but please let me know what you would like to make, I'm flexible ! :)


Please Message to find dates that work for the both of us before making payment  and we can also discuss what you would like to learn how to make and whether it is possible to do so within a 2 hour session.