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Weapon Of Growth

Weapon Of Growth

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Today as I was walking around my roof I noticed how some plants that were dying in the sunlight, were now thriving in the shade.⁣

It amazed me at how Tall and green they had become and in that moment, I truly felt thankful that in some seasons, we were rescued and taken out of the harsh light and kept in the shade to rest and to grow. ⁣

Despite being in the "backyard" where you are "unseen and unheard" and almost forgotten, suddenly there is peace and a solitude to really rest, heal and hear from the one whose only voice really matters, our creator.⁣

He is our loving gardener that cuts off the dead leaves in our lives and pulls put the weeds that choke us. He is also sometimes the one that moves us out of the limelight to the shade to heal and grow. To take roots.⁣

Today if you feel like you've been "shaded", can I encourage you that this time could be a time where your roots will grow so deep and that you will heal so that when the strong rain comes you will not be easily broken? You have a loving gardener. 🤍 ⁣

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