All Hadasity wired jewellery uses non-tarnish gold coloured silver wire imported from the USA

All compositions can include:

Semi Precious Stones

Swarovski Pearls and Crystals

Baubles, Buttons and Beads

Fabric, Ribbons and Tassels

Statement compositions can include:

Vintage and New Brooches

Porcelain Pieces

Peranakan Spoons

Jade Pendants

Unique Fabrics

Other Customised Focal Pieces 

Necklaces Thick Chains Non-tarnish Lightweight Coloured Chains in Acrylic or Aluminium Thin Chains 14k Gold Electroplated Chains from Japan
Cuffs 14k Gold Electroplated High Quality Adjustable Cuff Base from Japan
Rings 14k Gold Electroplated High Quality Adjustable Ring Base from Japan
Earrings 14k Gold Filled Hooks

We seek your understanding that Vintage Brooches are sourced from all around the world and might come with some imperfections due to wear and tear over time. Product photos will show the as-is condition and character of each brooch and statement piece.


We are so happy that you now carry a piece from Hadasity and we want your jewelry to be kept in the best possible shape for years to come! 
To care for your Hadasity jewelry:
As a good rule of thumb - put your jewelry on last before you leave home, and take it off first thing when you get home.
Keep your jewelry away from water, lotions/creams, perfume, hair products, sweat and other liquids. If your jewelry gets wet, wipe it dry. Products containing harsh chemicals may damage the jewelry and cause discolouration. 
Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing or showering.
Give your jewelry a light wipe down with a dry soft cloth before storing them in your Hadasity pouch or a ziploc bag away from air and moisture.