Annabel Tan

Annabel Tan

** Belle wearing her Colourful Pipa Statement Necklace

..::{ Annabelle Tan }::..

*Belle, as her close friends call her, is really a character! She is just really naturally happy and smiley all the time and she isn't ON anything but I suppose she is high on love! There is a story on how we met and how she came upon Hadasity and Belle will tell you all about it! She really knows how to pull off outfits that not many people can put together and I did tell her before that she should seriously consider being a stylist but for now she's happy doing what she's doing!

Describe yourself in 3 words

(Wannabe) wise,
(perpetually) in-love &
(spontaneously) loopy

I cheated with the brackets!


What makes you happy

Good coffee, inspiring people!
Youth who embrace their talent with humility.
Huge amazing breakfasts!

I like life in abundance and well packed with great people, humour, everyday art, music and good sleep.


* Belle in her multi-way gemdrop necklace which she wears alot !! :)


3 Favourite cafes in Singapore

Oh man..Can i do 2 sets of 3?
Strangers Reunion, the plain for their coffee, Choc full of beans cuz it's near work

and recently Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar, Maison Ikkoko ( if i can get a seat!) and Drips Bakery Cafe for their fruit tarts :)


Your favourite place to be in the whole world

On a deck chair or a plush bed having a huge breakfast and
overlooking some sort of take-my-breath away kind of view.
(no mozzies/insects biting will be great)



How would you describe your style?

I wear everything, just quite adversed to skanky or overtly frilly :p
Eclectic,futuristic, drastic..
from hobo to boho, prints, colours ,
vintagey to local, drapes.
I do them all. 

We all should!


Why do you wear Hadasity?

(laughs) Hadasity has always been quite serendipitous for me.
When I bought my first stament necklance, it was a season where God adorned my life with a new statement chapter. 

At that time this random guy who I became friends with mentioned a designer who designed jewellery using bits of art like perenakan spoons. And a week later I bought the same piece without knowing it was the one he was talking about.
Oh, and now he's the God-sent beau in my life :) hahaha

I love its colours, movement, eccentric flair and the fact that to wear it, the girl's gotta have ample personality to synergise with the art.

For everyday splashes, the multi-way gem drop rocks most of my outfits.

In my opinion, because it always dances to its own beat, every piece is a classic.
(Good for passing on to future daughters *wink*)



* Belle and her God-sent Beau ! :)


* Wearing the Peranekan Spoon Necklace!

* Me and Belle  :)

// You can follow Annabel on Twitter ,
   Instagram  @annabel_t
   and Tumblr !
   She is so fun to read! //


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