1. How did you find Hadasity and what brought you to the United States?

I found Hadasity from a friend who grew up in Singapore: Diana Lie. She gifted me a Hadasity ring over 5 years ago for Christmas, and I've been a loyal customer since :). I grew up in the U.S. I was born in Taiwan but immigrated when I was 4. My parents went to get their advanced degrees in US, graduated, and stayed full time.

2. Pachi is such an interesting name! What does it mean? And I see you have 2 boys! Are you staying home with them or working and if you are working what do you do!

Pachi is English translation from Chinese name - here's what my parents sent me: See the following meaning from Name studies: 智勇雙全,清雅榮貴,官運旺,中年成功隆昌,清秀. (Translated: Wisdom and bravery, elegant and honorable, prosperous in officialdom, successful middle-aged, long prosperous, graceful). This is actually the first time I've received such a comprehensive answer from them on this :)

I work full time. I'm a product manager at Adobe, for their Document Cloud business. I create and define digital services, products, and features to allow individuals and businesses be more productive with their work. During this unprecedented time, we are enabling businesses to do remote work, so I feel privileged to help contribute to that.

It has been interesting juggling the kids at home while working full time. Definitely challenging "new normal" for us working full time but we feel grateful to have jobs that allow us to do so while providing for our family! Kids have online classes while we work alongside them daily :)

Adobe also affords us opportunities to explore outside interests, and I also lead the diy craft club for our San Jose, CA site. Seeing Hadasity’s creations has definitely inspired me to dabble in projects I wouldn't have previously thought possible - so know that you inspire others! I've realized in my mid life that art helps with creativity, problem solving, so I am quite passionate about helping both children and adults explore their creative possibilities.

I actually started as an engineer and moved into applications engineering (technical customer marketing) and then product management. I went to work at a startup doing VR exercise equipment, then at a company that made memory cards from digital cameras. My love for consumer photography led me to Adobe. I started Adobe in product marketing for Photoshop and Premiere Elements - consumer versions of the programs. After a few years I wanted to get back to product management, so tried a job in the productivity side of Adobe so now in Document Cloud.


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