Pearly Huang

Pearly Huang

I’ve known Hadasity, the brand, for about 8 years now. But, it was only this year, that I really got to know the beautiful beautiful woman behind the brand.

When Hadassah invited me to be part of Tea Talks, I said I most definitely will talk about how Hadasity had led me to her, and that Hadassah then had led me to God. Praise the Lord. And definitely more about this later.

But Hadassah also said the tea talk is about me too! So here goes: I’m a blissful mum to 2 lovely kids and love my job as a marketer in the meaningful and fulfilling education sector. Recently, I also took a leap of faith into the beauty business, bringing an award-winning anti-aging skincare range, iShine 爱闪耀, from Taiwan, to Singapore. iShine’s quality products has benefited my skin so much that I knew I just had to make iShine available to more ladies (and men) in Singapore – so in a move that surprised even myself, I became the lead City Agent (Singapore) and successfully brought the brand here!


Back to Hadasity. Some 8 years ago, I laid my hands on my first Hadasity statement necklace – this amazingly creative, one-of-a-kind piece that remained my favourite Hadasity piece all these years, accompanying me to many a wedding, charity dinners, to work or just to dress up a tee and jeans combo. Since then, I loved experimenting with Hadasity’s pieces, from cuffs, statement earrings, rings and of course, more necklaces.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at one of Hadassah’s wireart jewellery workshops too! But since then, I’ve decided to just to do the easy job of wearing these lovingly handmade pieces and leave the creative parts to her! What struck me though, was how, at the workshop, Hadassah was so free in her sharing of tips and know-hows, always encouraging and coaching us.

I believe that was why I felt so comfortable reaching out to Hadassah too, when I started seeking God. I knew Hadassah would be so free in her sharing and guiding and indeed, she welcomed me with open arms. Even when we were isolated during the pandemic, Hadassah reached out to me, coached me with the Word of God, sometimes video-calling till late as we lose track of time. I’m so grateful that Hadassah has played such a pivotal role in my journey as a new believer.

I love how Hadassah and I have connected over all things beautiful - Hadasity and God. And I believe Hadassah’s creativity, love and kindness continue to touch the lives of many more.

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