VOICE of So-Young Kang

VOICE of So-Young Kang




When Hadassah met So-Young, she just knew she had to invite her on Hadasity Voices to share about her amazing entrepreneurial journey.

A gifted woman and leader, So-Young is the founder of the Awaken Grouphelping to transform organizations and design experiences from the inside out. She later founded Gnowbe, a content creating app that helps companies and individuals train and engage their teams and community with a more powerful learning experience. So-Young is also on the board for Care for Children, a non-governmental organization (NGO) which has helped place one million orphans in Shanghai into loving homes. 

Hadassah with So-Young

Hadassah invited So-Young to the Hadasity studio and they sat down to chat about how she started out, the low points she has faced and how she overcomes such moments. They also discussed decision making and daily mindsets, inspiring Hadassah greatly. 

Find out more about So-Young's journey in this episode of Hadasity Voices on YouTube, or listen to our podcast on Spotify now! 

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