What does Taste and See Mean?

10 years ago I had heard all about Jesus but I had never tasted and seen that He was real or good. All I knew of God were bible stories and a long list of things that were considered sinful. It was all in theory to me and everything came across as a bad advertisement for food that would not go down well and take away any pleasure that I had in my understanding of what brought me joy.⁠

BUT THEN, I TASTED AND SEEN. I had an encounter with the love and mercy of God. I Saw that He was real and that He knew everything about my life. For the first time, I ate from LIFE itself and I could not go back to anything else. I had tasted and seen the one who was the light of all mankind, the one who loved me so much he died for me - and it was not just stories but He was still healing and speaking today. ⁠
I saw God heal through Jesus's name and witnessed miracles in this life that you would think only happened in the bible or movies. He changed my life in every way possible and opened up my heart for so much more of him and others. ⁠

I had tasted and seen that the Lord is GOOD, and this journey and following Jesus has been one that leads me daily to love others because he first loved me.⁠


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