Interested to order a bespoke piece for yourself or as a gift? 

Bespoke Wired Art Jewelry

The bespoke/semi-bespoke fees are added on top of the value of your Wired Art Jewelry piece. It is the fee to carry out the Bespoke order designed and wired just for you :)


Bespoke Fee $180

The Bespoke option allows you to discuss and choose colours, inspiration and dream up a design that has not been done yet with our artist Hadassah. 


Semi-Bespoke Fee $90

If you are looking to remake something similarly-inspired, as close as possible to something from our previous collections, this is the option for you. 

This would mean that there is no discussion to have any other colour choices or inspiration and it is like a "made to order" of a sold out item.



How to order a Bespoke piece? 

1. Contact us via either one of the following methods: 

  • Chat Box on the bottom right corner of our website
  • DM via Instagram (@hadasity) 
  • Email to

2. After having an understanding of your preferences, Hadassah will start working on your bespoke order once you have purchased your "Bespoke Piece".

The amount for the "Bespoke Piece" ranges from $148 to $598 depending on the design which can be referenced from our existing collections.

Each piece is hand wired uniquely as a work of art for you.