Hadasity was conceived in the streets of New York City in 2008 when Hadassah relocated from Singapore and found herself amidst thriving antique markets in the middle of the fashion district.

With beginnings in a signature style Wired Art as a medium, the weave has expanded to collaborate with NGOs that provide training in jewelry crafting to women at risk, whilst designing collections that are each a call for women everywhere to arise and shine.

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Phos by Hadasity is a capsule collection of everyday clothes designed as a call to shine.

With two beautiful daughters, a household and business to manage, Hadassah found herself wanting everyday classic pieces that would add an easy elegance whilst being fully present and comfortable to take on each day.

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Koumi by Hadasity is a call to arise.
A collection of elegant everyday companions, keepsakes and little treasures, each a message to live beautifully and abundantly.

20% of Koumi sales go to helping impoverished women rise up, awaken to hope, and be activated to purpose in their lives.

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Looking for a gift ?

Would you like to appreciate a close friend, celebrate a step of courage, or encourage a loved one? All our Jewelry come Gift ready and packed!

Let us know the names of your loved ones so that we can help deliver your love note!

Promised Land

Promised Land by Hadasity was designed in collaboration with women crafters in Nepal. Poverty is one of the main problems that fuel human trafficking in the world today, and we wanted to play a part in the solution, by choosing to work with those who employ and empower women who are marginalised and escaping exploitative situations.

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Bespoke your Wedding

Bespoke your expression for your wedding. Do reference our bespoke journal for inspiration and reference bridal packages available for your one-of-a-kind piece.

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