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Hadasity is all about a process. That creative process of “letting go and letting God”. That process of allowing the beauty of creating be a reminder of the beauty of the creator. And in that process, bring to rememberance the beauty and love in the creation of YOU.
Every piece wired and directed by her inner-voice, she made them one of a kind - for she hoped that they would encounter - The One.
Made from non tarnish high quality wire from the USA, Hadasity  abstractly brings together vintage brooches, beads, semi-precious stones, baubles and anything else that she feels can come together to tell this story. 


We believe in empowering impoverished women and children and we acknowledge that this business – the creativity for the jewelry and the favour with our customers all comes from GOD and we honour HIM by partnering with ROWAN ( Rural Orphans, Widows, AIDS Network) in sponsoring women and children and donating 10% of our revenue to this cause.

We pray that Hadasity brings you hope, joy, peace and many beautiful memories. We pray that when you wear Hadasity, you will encounter love. We hope that somehow, the stories we tell with each piece we make, connect with you in a way that art does.

 YOU are our WHY and HE is our HOW.

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