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Xinyan's Wedding

Last year two loving friends gifted their best friend a custom order for her wedding. This is the lovely Xinyan ( I love that she has a big heart and is a social worker around my area in Singapore) wearing her stack cuffs on her big day! Thank you for sharing these photos with us dearie!! 

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Sophia Claire's Wedding Custom Orders

Sophia came to me wanting to custom make a white necklace specifically with a plane because her husband is a pilot. How fun! I started about looking for that special vintage plane brooch for her and when it was done, she decided to wear it before her wedding and make a hairpiece for her big day instead. I'm so happy she did because she looks beautiful wearing it! Thank you my dear for sharing these photos! Teck Loon + Sophia, I know your Union is BLESSED and that LOVE that unites you, will follow you all the days of your life! <3


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Dawn Phua's Collection + Interview

What do you work as?
Day: Events and public communications. After hours: Crafter

What do you do for love /passionate about

I have been really passionate about crafting since I was 5. I remembered my mum sending me to the Community Centre near our home for school holiday craft classes and I really loved it. Crafting seemed like second nature to me and I would spend my free time making things out of toilet rolls and other scrap materials I could find in the house. 

During my teenage years, I started to pick up different types of popular handicraft like cross stitch, origami etc. And in the last few years, I progressed to bear making and recently completed a clay craft instructor course.

In 2006 I started helping friends with craft work for their weddings out of interest. And thanks to them for believing in my works, my "portfolio" grew. With their encouragement, I started Dawnut's Factory in 2010. 3 years on, we are no big timers but am glad to be able to share my works and meet people who appreciate my craft :)

Describe yourself in 3 words or sentences

Decided to post this difficult question to my bff and she said 'awesome, very-awesome, awesomest" hahaha not much help I guess. 

I think these 3 words pretty much describe me: Creative, Confident & Cheery.

What makes you happy
Very simply hanging out with family and friends. I love having house parties where I can cook and bake for a nice cosy time with people who are dear to me. And I also enjoy catching up with my gfs over a cuppa. Sipping teas and eating desserts makes me very happy too!

How many countries/places have you visited and which had the most influence/impact in your life

Was never quite a travel bug until my good friend asked me along to join her family for a trip to UK in 2007 to visit her relatives because she wanted a gf as her travel buddy. I just started out in the corporate world then and the air ticket cost me 3/4 of a month's salary. But I thought why not? since I had my lodging covered for most part of the trip thanks to my friend's really hospitable relatives and well I have never been out of Asia. 

I am so glad I went. In the past, travelling for me was shopping, shopping and more shopping. A chance to visit London and Scotland then made me fall in love with those old architecture, gardens and lovely cafes that I started to learn how to enjoy the experience of being in a foreign land rather than scurrying around to complete the tourist attractions check-list. 

It was also from that trip that I told myself that I should just do what I want to do (if it is within my means) especially when I don't have major commitments like a mortgage or kids so that I will not have any regrets in future when those things come along. After all, you only live once. So live life to the fullest!

Why do you wear Hadasity

Have always loved vintage accessories and pretty much all things vintage. And I like to wear unique stuff because I want to be different and I don't want someone else to have the same thing! **selfish** hahah :p Hadasity pieces are handmade works of art that are classy and outstanding. I am in love with the statement pieces especially because they are flashy but wearable. As a crafter myself, I really appreciate having something that is handmade.

As my collection grew, my friends got more and more intrigued and they actually keep tabs of new additions to my collection! And happy to say that some of them have since jumped onto the bandwagon :)

I've always felt that so many of the ladies that wear and love Hadasity have a creative spark in them and a love for design and the arts, and are positively HAPPY people! Dawn is one of those amazing, beautiful and confident women that I have come to know and appreciate. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Dawn for this ( interview, pictures ) and everything !!

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Joy's Wedding Pieces

Joy is one of the most adventurous and fun loving brides I know! When she described the Disco Green Cat Necklace that she wanted, I knew there and then I was going to enjoy making her piece. It was meant to be her " wear for fun" necklace but she loved it so much she wore it on her wedding day with her evening gown! A very bold choice that most brides I've come across would not choose to go with, but what an excellent one! She even added the ribbons that I used to wrap the necklace in her hair! Thank you so much for sharing your special day Joy and Wei Li, Blessed union and adventures!


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Alisa Chopard

Alisa was my Mass Communications Schoolmate who subsequently went into writing at magazines like Seventeen and SimplyHer. She has always been such a supporter of Hadasity, right from when we set up shop at Haji Lane, and featured Hadasity a couple of times  which was such a blessing and honour for us. She still writes free-lance but is also working on her own company, GETBAKEDwith her partner, Glyn. I have been cheering her on. It is a beautiful thing when what we love to do, is what we do for a living.

What are you passionate about
Good food, words, books + celebrating love and all things beautiful.
The most meaningful memory you have of your family/friends
Christmas time is always the happiest time of the year for me. It's a meaningful celebration, and aside from that, it's a time to get together and be with treasured family and friends. So I'd have to say that every Christmas is meaningful and memorable for me.
Describe yourself in 3 words
In love with God, writer, baker, artist
Why do you wear Hadasity?
Hadasity jewelry is stunningly unique and beautiful. Each piece is also hand made with love (you can tell just by looking at the detail and thought that goes into it), which I totally appreciate.
Who do you draw support from?
God, my husband and my Get Baked partner and very good friend, Glyn.
This year has been an extremely hectic one for me, and I wouldn't have made it to the end of the year without all three of them.

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at the Hadasity in Collaboration with Necessary Provisions Event this Saturday 2nd Nov 12-4pm!


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