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Bees and Flowers

Bees and Flowers

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You are my bees,⁠
You are my flowers.⁠
The bees sowed the seeds,⁠
But I grew you by my powers.⁠

Just by tasting sweet,⁠
Just by pollinating,⁠
Just by flying from flower to flower⁠
Honey you were making.⁠

You are all my bees,⁠
You are all my flowers.⁠
I've gathered you together ⁠
to fall under my rain and showers.⁠

It's not by a single bee,⁠
or a single flower -⁠
that filled the earth⁠
in its finest hour.⁠

Look beyond just me and you -⁠
Look beyond your skin, family, church and nations too -⁠
We are all connected -⁠
Bees or flowers, trees and animals too.⁠ 



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