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Not A Coincidence

Not A Coincidence

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SIZE: 22 by 28 inches  / 56cm by 71cm

MEDIUM: Acrylic Paint

CANVAS: Cotton Stretched on Wood

There is no shipping cost to this as Hadassah will personally arrange a delivery to your home in Singapore! :) Would be so nice to meet with you and see where this painting will "LIVE" ! 

Alternatively you can come pick it up if you like as well ! :)

International Shipping can be discussed and arranged. Please reach out to ask about this! :) 


Terms and Conditions: Hadassah Lau ( the artist) retains all rights to this painting and the buyer will only be owning the physical painting. No reproduction or print of this painting is allowed apart from the written consent from Hadassah. All rights reserved. Hadassah Retains the right to reproduce this artwork in Print and any other form she wishes after this painting is bought. 

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