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Poured Out

Poured Out

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desigA conversation over tea
About the life Jesus poured out for me.

What does it mean, that if I'm forgiven little I love little?
What does it mean, to not deserve full acquittal?
What does it mean, that I have been judged guilty,
What does it mean, despite that I could be free completely?

An alabaster Jar of perfume,
a life's worth of earnings -
from work she knew immoral,
when forgiven poured out her savings.

That was me.
That is me.

I never loved Jesus this much -
till I saw the gravity of my sin,
that was when His Grace came in,
when I was forgiven much.

He went to the cross to pour out for me
his life to take my place -
a sentence of death that was mine,
for every sin right down to my thoughts that could be traced.

The more I see the gravity of his Grace,
The more I tremble in His presence -
The more I come to him humbly,
The more I seek His Face.

I am the sinful woman -
I am the broken one.
He is my Righteous Savior -
He is God's precious son.


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