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Written On My Heart - Transformative Necklace Bracelet

Written On My Heart - Transformative Necklace Bracelet

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- When linked altogether you can wear it as a necklace with or without the pendant.
- can be worn as a double or single bracelets  together or separately.
- Bracelet can be worn with the Jade pendant or without.

- Please reach out if you have any questions about how to wear it or other questions at all :)


It's Written on my heart,
Lord set me ablaze.
Return me to my first love
Remove every single Haze!

Remove every distraction
Leave no stone unturned.
Every thought that is not of you
I cast into the bonfire of truth to BURN.

Take EVERY lie -
Take EVERY spirit -
That is not of you.

Allow my heart to beat
in the same rhythm as yours.
According to your mercy and love
According to your grace, unforced.

Give me your compassion
Give me your wisdom.
Give me your discernment,
Give me your understanding.

Thank you for YOUR righteousness
Thank you for YOUR sacrifice
Thank you for YOUR Mercy !
Thank you for YOUR Love.

- Poem by Hadassah 

Made with Grade A Burma Jadite and Green Faceted Tourmaline, freshwater pearls.

* Hand Wired by artist Hadassah Lau, made in Singapore - One of a Kind

Semi precious stones, white quartz, Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, non tarnish gold wire from the USA, Japanese Toho Seed Beads.

18K Gold plated stainless Steel Necklace and clasp

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