Purposeful Purchase

Hadasity partners with organisations in Cambodia and Nepal that rescue women and children from trafficking and exploitative circumstances, and provide employment and skills training in high risk areas.

We do so by designing and co-creating with them, sourcing from them and giving to them. We believe that beautiful design is a vehicle through which we can bring income and opportunity to them.

Hadasity also gives to Rowan, to support 5 beautiful people. 

When you purchase with us, you give with us.


Ajuma is 58 years old and lost her husband to HIV/AIDS. She has three children that she cares for on her own and all are in the ROWAN program as well. She works hard in her garden as well as the ROWAN community gardens for the members. She lives in Nakafunvu village about 2 Kilometers from ROWAN base. She has been with ROWAN since it's official beginning in 2008!


Specioza is 11 years old and is a total orphan, meaning both parents have died of AIDS. She lives with a caregiver in Isegero village and is in the Primary 3 level in school. She loves to play football (soccer) at their ROWAN Saturday program. She too always has a smile on her face and has found her family in ROWAN.


Sania is 16 years old, in Senior 2 level (high school), and is one of ROWAN’s children who are HIV+, and is a walking miracle. She has struggled with HIV her whole life, and is constantly in and out of the hospital. She lost both of her parents to AIDS and lives with a caregiver when she is not in boarding school. (All high schools in Uganda are boarding.) ROWAN has stepped in and helped her receive the proper medications and provide school fees. Our sponsorship will ensure that she receives the daily meds, proper nutrition and a better education as well. Pray for a miracle for this little angel. You would never know her ailment just by looking at her- she is truly a joyful spirit. But when you look into her eyes deeply, you can see she has truly struggled.


One of ROWAN’s caregivers, Harriet took in and cares for 3 orphans in their program. ROWAN helps to train and equip women like Harriet to care for those children in the community who are completely abandoned. She is 45 years old and lives in Nakawa village, 2 Kilometers from ROWAN’s base. She always has a smile on her face and a love for children! Her daily tasks include fetching water, cleaning, cooking and gardening.


Fatuma is 9 years old and unfortunately is a total orphan as both her parents died of AIDS. She lives with her little sister and caregiver in Kavule village. She is also in Primary 3 level in school. She loves coming to ROWAN Saturday programs each week and playing with arts and crafts. She helps her caregiver fetch water and collect firewood at home.


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