Collection: Bespoke Process


1.Purchase Bespoke Fee $180

* Please note that the Bespoke Fee ($180) is

ON TOP of the cost of the wired art piece.

*The Bespoke Fee is the Fee to carry out a

bespoke order designed and wired just for you.

2. Understanding Your Preferences

*We will discuss colours, style, sizes, choose beads and chains together to determine the final cost of your Bespoke Piece.

* "Bespoke Pieces" range from $298 to $698 depending on design which can be referenced from our existing collections.

*Each piece is hand wired uniquely as a work of art for you

3. Payment and Lead Time

* Full payment for the entire Bespoke Piece is required upon finalization of design agreed upon.

*Lead Time for Bespoke Pieces Range from 2 weeks to 2 months.
We will decide on a pickup date together.