New Beginnings

It feels like forever since we last launched a new collection, because it has been 2 whole years! 

Becoming a mom and the transitions between countries over the last 6 years has really been life changing to say the least, and I know that many of you know exactly what i am talking about.

I am so happy to be back at "work" and spending more time on my very first baby again. It felt like a distant memory initially but once my hands got down to wiring again, it was like I had never stopped making jewelry - and that was the beauty of picking up where I had last left off, but with an entirely new vision and design aesthetic somewhat.

I am not sure if you can tell with this new collection, but I have become quite the minimalist! Although they are still very intricate, the colors that I have used in this collection pretty much reflect my everyday wardrobe now - completely white and blue and earthy! How my wardrobe and style has changed over the last 5 years! I hope you can still see this collection reflecting the very essence of Hadasity - beautifully RANDOM, perfectly Asymmetrical, however perfects somewhat less downright colourful LOL.

Now that i am back in Singapore (for good), I very much  look forward to the opportunity to be with you (In the flesh) again! 

I have not been organizing workshops but am happy to work out the details with you if you want to gather a few friends for a private class, baby shower, bridal party, custom orders, a visit to the studio to shop in person.... these are all possible again HOORAY ! ( Weekdays between 10am to 2pm only though - this mama is only working when her kids are in school now).

So... YES!!!! I AM SO HAPPY TO BE BACK, and thank you for sticking around. For your encouraging buys, words and love all these years.

YOU have kept me creating month after month and now years later, all over again. 



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