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Silver Lining - Jade Necklace

Silver Lining - Jade Necklace

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A Silver Lining,
across the shore -
When Deep in my heart,
I know there's more. 

I know I have to
Trust you completely
And put my hand in yours.

Even when the odds seem
Against me,
I have to trust that your water -
still pours.

All through the festive cheer,
Deep into the night,
The silent calms
The darkness revealing your light.

The warmth that was glowing,
Started steadily showing -

You were there all along.


Can be worn in multiple ways.

Wired with non tarnish wire and quartz, freshwater pearls and swarovski elements, and

Grade A Burma Jade Donut.

Non tarnish aluminium necklace and clasp.

* Hand Wired by artist Hadassah Lau, made in Singapore - One of a Kind


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