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Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made

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"Looking out into the night sky
A million stars shining down and
I can see how you'd feel so small

Don't forget I'm your Creator
You are Mine and I adore you
Nothing else moves My heart like you
You're not here by chance, you are My design
I did well to give you life

You are fearfully and wonderfully made
Long before you drew your first breath
I knew your name
Surely goodness and mercy
Will follow you forever
For you are fearfully and wonderfully made" 

Word Credits - Lyrics  " fearfully and wonderfully Made" by Jay Stocker,
Album: Scripture Lullabies

 PAINTING MEASURES: 36inches by 36 inches ( 92cm by 92cm)

CANVAS: Cotton Stretched on Wood
Ready to Hang

- Free Delivery within Singapore.
- International Shipping can be discussed and arranged.
- Please reach out to ask about this! :) 

Terms and Conditions: Hadassah Lau ( the artist) retains all rights to this painting and the buyer will only be owning the physical painting. No reproduction or print of this painting in any form is permitted.

by Abstract Artist Hadassah Lau from Singapore.

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